This new HF reader system was designed to fully utilize the advantages of the ISO18000-3mode3 standard such as fast anti-collision and 433 kHz downlink data rates.

The SLRM1000 demonstrates outstanding performance for the transponder types ISO18000-3 and ISO15693. The tag rates are 450 tags/s and 120 tags/s respectively. These rates are not lowered by heavy loads such as 600 tags per antenna.

Requirements such as 100 stacked documents or 600 tags on one antenna led to the favorite goal of the SLRM1000: to read huge amounts of transponders within the shortest time possible, realized on ISO 18000-3mode3. Moreover, it also sets a new benchmark for the slower ISO15693 standard.

An integrated high-level command library along with the SDK and the demonstration software (GUI) ensures the convenient and fast integration of this reader system into RFID applications, minimizing time to market.

Antenna tuning is done once with the help of a simple field-strength indicator (LED). The high data rates and the possibility to combine several antennas to one detection system enable the full flexibility in the arrangement of the antennas to perform, for example, omni-directional tag reading or instant movement detection.



  • Fully extends EPC functionality to HF
  • Operates 16 individual Antennas
  • Identififes 450 tags per second
  • Reads 100 and more stacked or overlapping transponders
  • Supports multi-axis antennas and enables instant movement detection
  • Appropriate antennas show simplest tuning procedure
  • Variable connectivity via ethernet, USB or RS232
  • 8 port decoupled digital IO interface
  • easy system integration


Operating frequency: 13,56 MHz
Power Supply:  15-18  VDC
Power consumption : max. 20W
Operating Temperature: 0..+55°C
Storage Temperature: -25..+85°C
IOs: 4 in- and 4 output lines
Mech. Dimensions: 185x193x48mm
Interface to Host: serial RS232 at 115200 baud, USB, Ethernet
Number of Antennas:  16
Operating distance: up to 1 meter with credit card sized transponders
EMI: ETSI EN 300330
Immunity: ETSI EN 301489
Low Voltage: ETSI EN 60950
Human Exposure: ETSI EN 50364
FCC: FCC pending (Q4/13)