This exceptional reader module is the benchmark for Long-Range multiple-tag identification rates in LF.

The anti-collision feature of the HIHITAG™ long-range system allows for the simultaneous operation of an arbitrary number of transponders within the communication field of the antenna. This feature ensures comfortable and fast identification of, for example, several items passing through a gate at the same time. Other typical uses for this technology include, for instance, the reading of 100’s of gaming tokens on a gaming table or the identification of dozens of surgical instruments in a sterilization box. A digital signal processing system ensures reliable signal recovery and provides a fast anti-collision algorithm. It also ensures operation with almost no loss of performance in industrial environment based on European immunity standards (ETS 300683). The Eurocard sized OEM-PCB (160 x 100 mm) can be easily mounted in a standard housing unit.

The HITAG™ Long-Range Reader Module also handles all the security functions of the HITAG™ transponders. It calculates proprietary security algorithms and stores keys and passwords for the access of HITAG™ transponders in security mode. That way, the module can guarantee high level of security for your application.



  • Multiple tag operation (anti-collision)
  • up to 1 m with credit card sized transponders
  • 35 transponders per second, up 800 transponders on 1 antenna
  • In stacks of more then 40 transponders
  • Hitag2, Hitag1, HitagS, Hitagµ, EM4102, EM4205, EM4305
  • ISO 11784/85 FDX, ISO 14223, ISO18000.2 transponders
  • full HitagS/μ functionality
  • data encryption, key handling
  • easy system integration
  • several interface options
  • add on boards with Multiplexer and/or PoE+
  • meets all requirements for CE and EMI approval


Operating frequency: 125kHz / 134,2 kHz
Power Supply: +15 VDC 5% / -15 VDC 5%
Max. Supply Current: 550mADC / 400mADC (operating), 200mADC / 100mADC (stand-by mode)
Operating Temperature: -25..+70°C
Storage Temperature: -40..+85°C
Inputs/Outputs: 2 in- and 2+8 output lines for general purpose (CMOSlevel)
Mechanical Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 43mm (188x105x95mm)
Interface to Host: serial RS232, 3.3V TTL, LAN or RS485 optional
Transmission Rate: 9600 baud standard, up to 57600 baud
Interface to Antenna: coax cable
Operating distance: up to 1 meter with credit card sized transponders
EMI: ETSI EN 300330-1 V1.2.1 (2001-6) ETSI EN 300330-2 V1.3.1 (2006-4)
Immunity: ETSI EN 301489-3 V1.4.1 (2002-8)
RFI-Emissions: Limit class B according to EN 55022, 1987